Dustin Edwards Photo Retouching

Selected Projects (2001—2009)

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"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dustin very closely over the last four years. He came to me first as a digital capture tech and was freelancing for the company that I had hired for the job. I was shooting the worldwide rebranding of Intel at the time and it was a particularly complicated shoot. I was so impressed with Dustin that I hired him full time very soon after that job. In the years since then, Dustin has became an integral part of my process and and an integral part of the studio. He has handled major shoots, retouching image editing and client relations. I now shoot a job and essentially leave the rest to him. He will edit the necessary images to composite and deal with the art director and the client and manage their need relative to image creation and shifting what was shot into the world they need it to be. Often time this required quite literally remaking the image to suite shifting client demands. I have worked with innumerable people in this business and have found Dustin to be the most reliable person I have ever had in my employ. He would be a great asset to any company."

-Zach Gold